तुमच्या दिवसाची एक खास सुरुवात

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Welcome to the healthy teavolution !

Today, at the national and international level - tea making has become a vast business. Every small and big city is famous because of their special tea, but who has seen how healthy it is ? Hence, we have brought non-toxic tea that is good for our health. We kept our shop clean and neat. Our workers follow the Hygiene rules. Therefore, we serve good quality and healthy Jaggery tea. Usually, Jaggery tea bursts the milk, and without milk, there is no taste-no energy. Hence, we spend 1yr in research and development to produce toxic-free Jaggery tea. After facing so many difficulties, we succeed in making such tea which is easy to make. There is taste and health in every sip.

Discover the distinctive taste of jaggery tea

Who said that if it is healthy means it is not good in taste to prove these sentences wrong, we have brought flavorful jaggery tea. Our tea is a mixture of clean water, premium quality jaggery, and fresh lemongrass with chemical-free spices. While making of mouth-watering tea, we have put our time, good intention and our efforts together.

Clean, neat, and elegant outlet

The attraction of the outlet is that it is beautified with a pile of jaggery and fresh lemongrass - a perfect environment for tea lovers. Clean utensils, uniforms for workers, and every other thing have been organized very well. Infact, a clean environment is our priority and care is taken accordingly.

We show the live process of making the jaggery in a natural way, due to which people get unusual experience. It is our responsibility to take care of everyone in the outlet, hence we have installed C.C.T.V. Camera in each outlet.

Health Benefits

Jaggery Tea

  • Improves Immunity

    Jaggery improves the immunity system since it is a rich source of several minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

  • Controls Weight

    One of the benefits of jaggery tea is that it promotes a healthy metabolism that easily digests food.

  • Fights Anaemia

    Iron is an integral part of haemoglobin and helps red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body.

  • Relieves Cough and Cold

    Jaggery tea is a popular home remedy for relieving symptoms of cough and cold. Jaggery warms the body naturally and doesn’t have side effects.

  • Decreases Joint Pain

    If you are suffering from constant joint pain, then milk and jaggery have great benefit. Jaggery tea are good for strengthening your bones.

  • Controls blood pressure

    Jaggery contains potassium and sodium. It play an important role in the maintenance of acid levels in the body and keeps a normal level of blood pressure.


Customer Says

Very good quality, Excellent Taste
- Devansh Patil

I like the freshness of your tea keep it up...
- Rishi Sharma

Really Good Taste & very nice service... Thank U
- Vinod Mane

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